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The Servant-Steward's Handbook

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        "First, I would say that this book is one of the best books on Christian leadership I have seen. As a Christian-foundational book it is faithful to the scriptures and filled with every possible Christian principle. (The authors)  have done a good job throughout the book showing that Christian principles are just as significant and valuable in the secular workplace as in Christian contexts.
        "Second, there have been previous efforts to write specifically on 'supervision' due to the tremendous need then and today for good supervision among our own people. I have not found those sources very valuable. This book places 'supervision' in the overall context of leadership development which is where it should be. In that light, it may be the best source available for developing supervisors in any organization and especially Christian organizations.
        "Third, the book strikes a healthy balance between an academic approach and a practical approach to instruction. By that I mean it is challenging in its scholarship and easy to understand in its practicality. Striking this balance is not easy. This means it is mentally stimulating and easy to read and set goals to apply!"
(Sam James, IMB, founder of the International Learning Center)
        "What I appreciated about this book was the authors’ use of the Biblical narrative for every principle they are promoting. I have read many leadership books and I found so many of them just being more like “recipe books” with an occasional verse to give it a “spiritual flavor.” I found The Servant-Steward’s Handbook to be based on Biblical values and principles that are the foundation for the practical methodology. 
        "I hope young leaders who read this book will take the time, not just to read the book and the references, but to actually study the context on which  these values and principles are built so they can take personal ownership of what the Handbook is saying.
        "I wish I had this book almost 50 years ago when I got involved in leadership in our mission organization. It would have saved me from a multitude of headaches, and it would have equipped me well in my leadership responsibilities.” 
(Oli Jacobsen, Ethnos360)  

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