individual coaching

We believe in coaching to action by helping you to set SMS goals that are:     Specifc

​It's not enough to just set goals and reach them. you want to set goals that stretch you and help you to reach your potential while also contributing to the organization's larger objectives.

Team building

A team is more than just a group of people who have the same boss. Teams work together cooperatively to accomplish more than the members can as separate individuals. We can help your team go to the next level by maximizing your strengths and minimizing the stress caused by mismatched assignments and unmet needs or expectations.

Relationships are everything in your business. 

Let us help you build a culture of healthy relationships starting with knowing yourself through personal coaching and the use of assessments such as The Birkman Method®, SkillScope® and Style Matters Conflict Mode Instrument. Then get to know the people with whom you work closest through a TeamBuild workshop and team coaching.

We can help the teams in your organization improve their communication and productivity as team members and leaders learn to maximize their own strengths while also supporting others in theirs. In most cases, an initial  phone call will help us get to know more about you, your business and the challenges you want to address. Then, together we can prepare a plan of action that will meet your needs and your budget. ​

Strategic PLanning

There is much more to strategic planning than setting long range goals every five or ten years. Selecting the right people for the right job in the right team setting is essential to your organization's success. We can help you build an ethos of mutual respect and support where team members support one another with peer coaching and supervisors coach their personnel to their peak performance.

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