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LEAD360 = LeadershipEvaluation, Assessment and Development by 360degrees.

​​​​Larry Gay

35 years experience in cross-cultural leadership development, coaching and consulting.

Larry's experience in management and personnel development makes him an invaluable resource for you and your organization as you develop action plans growing from your coaching, consulting or team building relationship. ​​


We help people discover their purpose in life, and then pursue it passionately.

We enjoy helping people discover their strengths as well as who they need on their team to help them become all they are meant to be in their unique setting. Through personal and team coaching, we help leaders grow as they develop and maintain healthy personal lives that in turn help to build healthy families, teams, organizations and communities. We do this by providing coaching and training in areas such as personal leadership,  personnel selection, healthy teaming, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, supervision, mentoring, conflict management, marital health and parenting.

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Susan Gay

35 years experience in cross-cultural leadership development, counseling and consulting.

Susan's background in counseling and emotional wellness screening makes her uniquely qualified to help you and your team get the most out of your assessments and TeamBuild.